How Songkran Gets Me Wet | Chiang Mai, 2017

In April 2017, I have finally ticked off one of my major wishes :

Songkran aka Thai New Year
The Biggest Water Festival in the World


Without a shadow of a doubt, its the most incredible celebration I have ever experienced and one that I’ll treasure for life.
I have never seen SO many (honestly) happy faces around me.

Whether 7 months or 70 years old – everybody celebrated Songkran.
And its safe to say – Thai people know how to party.

This year the celebrations started a day early and carried on until a day after = 5 days in total.

More coming soon including a full guide ♡
But for now, check out my video from this unbelievable experience :

How Songkran Gets Me Wet | 讓波蘭女生想拋棄台灣的泰國
Chiang Mai, 2017  💦



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