A Foreign Girl’s Day in Taipei Vlog – 波蘭女孩在台北的一天

I did it – my first ‘day vlog’ :
A Foreign Girl’s Day in Taipei

I used to use Snapchat a lot. And I mean A LOT
I would document many things that I did that day and seriously enjoyed it, now when I look back at some of the videos/pictures saved, it all comes back to me and it’s the nicest feeling to relive the moments.

But then I kind of stopped.

Since moving to Taipei for a few months, I’ve started using it rather sporadically because a daily routine created itself and I assumed it won’t be ‘as interesting’ as my travel snaps.

But then I thought… I AM STILL TRAVELLING.

So what that I’m in one place for a few months.. it is still full of new and different adventures and if I was back home, I’d still find it interesting.

That night I stayed up till 5 in the morning watching vlogs. And got slightly inspired.

Next morning I grabbed my GoPro and decided to document my day.
That’s when I also ended up meeting my friend Johnny from Stop Kiddin’ Studio (a seriously good YouTube channel) and took part in one of his videos, link below.

Ok! So, here is what some of my days look like!

Let me know if you enjoyed this :
Foreign Girl’s Day in Taipei – 波蘭女孩在台北的一天

Stop Kiddin’ Studio video – click

PS. I’d love it if you could share around <3


x x x

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You are an inspiration young lady!!! Keep filming…you are doing great!!

linda G
linda G

great to see you having such a great time and getting such a roaving education.